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Apply for co-funding to prepare and publish Norwegian species occurrence data

May 15, 2015

GBIF Norway invites project proposals for co-funding the preparation of your species occurrence data and ensuring the data quality before datasets are published in GBIF and the Norwegian Species Map (Artskart). Successful applications will be offered co-funding contributions as a grant to the responsible institution after a careful evaluation of all applications that are received within the deadline. The responsible institution is expected to provide complementary self-funded work or financial contributions at least matching the financial support for GBIF Norway.

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New datasets

September 12, 2014

Data repatriation of 972 occurrence data from India published from the Norwegian University Museums.

About GBIF Norway

GBIF Norway is the Norwegian participant node in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility, GBIF.

Our main task is to make primary data on biological diversity from the Norwegian collections and observation databases freely available and to coordinate GBIF-related activities in Norway.

Norway currently supplies more than 17,000,000 records to the GBIF Network.


Spatial distribution of observation records with geographic coordinates provided by Norwegian GBIF nodes.